4 Tips For Installing An Air Compressor In Your Garage

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An air compressor is a really great tool that can allow you to use a wide variety of different air tools to get construction and automotive work done from the comfort of your own garage. If you have recently purchased an air compressor, the next thing you need to do is install the air compressor.

#1 Find the Right Location for the Compressor

First, you need to find the right location for the compressor. The right location will be determined by a variety of factors. The right location needs to be near your work area; you don't want to have to stretch the cords for the air compressor across your work area. The right location needs to also have a power outlet near by as well. Once again, you don't want to run the power cord across your entire workplace. You want the power cord to be close by.

#2 Select the Right Hose Length

Once you determine where you are putting the air compressor, you need to determine what hose length you need for the compressor. The hose length depends on where your work area is. The closer the workplace, the shorter the cords can be, the further away the workplace, the longer the cords will need to be.

#3 Set up the Isolator Pads

Isolator pads will need to be set up where you want the compressor to go. The compressor is going to vibrate and move as it is being used. The isolator pads will absorb the vibrations from the compressor. This will help keep the compressor stable and will keep the compressor from moving around. The compressor pads will also help cut down on the amount of noise that your air compressor will create as it is being used. Air compressors can be really noisy, and anything you can do to cut down on the noise is smart.

#4 Set Up a Filter

Finally, make sure you set up a filter for the compressed air machine. An air filter will help keep condensation from getting into your air machine. You don't want condensation to get into your machine. Condensation can damage the components of your machine and will cause its lifespan to be shortened.

When you purchase an air compressor, take a while to figure out the correct place to set it up in your garage. Be sure to install isolator pads to help stabilize the machine and cut down on noise and set-up a filter to keep moisture out of the machine. For more information, contact companies like Compressed Air Systems.