Five Types Of Specialty Boxes That Make Moving Easier

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Moving is never easy. Packing everything into boxes, loading it into a moving truck, and unpacking it again will take several days. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make moving easier. One of those strategies is to invest in a few specific types of boxes and storage containers in addition to conventional, cube-shaped moving boxes. Here are five specific types of specialty boxes and containers to invest in before your move.

Half-Slotted Packaging Boxes

You will want to put most of your things in closed boxes for maximum protection. However, you may have a few last-minute items that you want to stand up in an open-top box. Shampoo bottles, for instance, are easiest to ship like this. If you pack enough of them in an open-top box, they will hold each other up, and the open top will allow you to keep an eye on the bottles to ensure they don't spill. Books and framed pictures also ship well lined up in open-top boxes.

These boxes with secure bottoms and open tops are usually sold as half-slotted packaging boxes. The bottoms fold in like a standard box, but the tops are just flat and open. When assembled, the boxes look like file boxes, but you can flatten them down for easier transportation and storage.

Wardrobe Boxes

There are few things more disheartening than pulling wrinkled clothing out of cube-shaped boxes and having to re-wash and fold it all again. Wardrobe boxes eliminate this hassle. These boxes have a rod fixed into the top of them. You hang your clothes on standard hangers, and then hang the hangers on the rod. Keep the boxes upright, and your clothes are shipped as though they were in a real closet. You can even hang up clothes you usually keep in drawers, as they will stay less wrinkled in the wardrobe boxes.

One thing to note about these boxes is that they can grow very heavy when full of clothing. Make sure you have someone around to help move them -- usually, two people need to carry wardrobe boxes.

Plastic Totes

Buy a couple of plastic totes at your local home goods store. The ones with tightly sealing lids and built-in handles are the best because they are easy to lift and the lids won't pop off if you set something on top of the tote. Use these totes for anything that you absolutely do not want crushed. Sturdy moving boxes do minimize the risk of crushing, but the cardboard is not quite as sturdy as the plastic used to make totes. 

People often use totes for antiques, jewelry, glassware, and dishes. You could also use them for your artwork and other wall decor.

Art Boxes

If you have a lot of very valuable artwork, you may want to invest in a few artwork boxes. These are also sometimes sold as mirror boxes. They are flat and lined with foam padding so you can slide your artwork or mirror right in without a lot of extra space. This keeps the item from shifting around and breaking as it might in a larger, less suitable moving box. Art boxes come in several sizes, so measure your art beforehand to ensure you choose the right one.

Ski Boxes

Ski boxes are long, flat boxes made for storing skis. But even if you do not have skis, it's helpful to buy one or two of these boxes. As it turns out, they are the right size and shape for things like brooms, yard sticks, mops, and golf clubs, too. Without a ski box, many people have to pack these items loose in the moving truck, which puts them at risk of damage.

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