4 Tips For Maintaining Melting Crucibles

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Melting crucibles are used in a variety of applications, from melting down gold and silver for jewelry to melting a variety of different types of metals for industrial purposes. No matter why you need melting crucibles, if you invest in these products you are sure to want them to last. Use the following tips for maintaining and caring for your melting crucibles so you can get many years of use out of them:

Careful Inspection Upon Receiving

One of the keys to ensuring that your melting crucibles will last a long time is checking to make sure that they are in excellent condition when you receive them. Most companies carefully package melting crucibles for shipping, but it is possible for them to be damaged during transportation. When you receive your new melting crucibles, take the time to carefully and closely examine each one for any small cracks-- a melting crucible that has any type of crack is not likely to work properly or last long.

Always Preheat New Melting Crucibles

Melting crucibles endure extremely hot temperatures during the metal melting process. While melting crucibles are made of materials that are designed to withstand the heat, it is still in your best interest to preheat the crucibles prior to their first use to help ensure that they don't crack or expand when exposed to very high heat. Your best bet is to slowly preheat them at a lower heat setting instead of placing them directly into the highest heat setting you will be using. 

Store Your Melting Crucibles Properly

How you store your melting crucibles can make a big difference in how long they last. You should avoid stacking your melting crucibles, as doing so can eventually lead the cracks. Ideally, you should store melting crucibles on a wire shelf several feet above the ground. It is not a good idea to leave melting crucibles sitting on the ground, as they can absorb water and other liquids that may spill which can cause the crucible material to weaken over time.

Keep Your Melting Crucibles Clean

When melting crucibles are used over and over to melt different types of metals metal build up can form on the inside of the crucible. While this may not seem like a big deal, the metal build up can eventually absorb the additives used during the melting process, which can weaken the structure of the crucible. To keep your melting crucibles in good condition, make sure you clean them after several uses to remove the metal build up. 

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