Dealing With A Problematic HVAC Centrifugal Blower Fan

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An HVAC system must have the ability to produce a large amount of air in order for it to efficiently heat or cool a house. If you have been wondering why your system isn't releasing the amount of air that it once did, your attention should be turned to the centrifugal blower fan. The reason why is because the fan is the area of the system that moves all of the air. However, there is usually a decrease of air when there is something wrong with the fan, which could possibly be a problem that is easy for a contractor to fix. Take a look at this article to gain more insight on a few of the things that could lead to a centrifugal blower fan not producing a sufficient amount of air.

1. Dirt is Weighing the Blower Fan Down

The simplest thing that could interfere with the operation of a centrifugal blower fan is dirt. The reason why dirt is a problem is because it can weigh the fan down and prevent it from being able to quickly rotate. A dirty fan is not difficult to clean when the job is handled by a professional. He or she will have to remove a few parts to access the fan and remove all of the dirt.

2. The Blades Are Not in a Good Condition

It is possible that the fan blades are the root of the insufficient amount of air that is being produced. If the blades are broken or bent, they will need to be repaired. A contractor should be able to replace the blades without a problem no matter what kind of condition they are in.

3. Something is Wrong with the Motor

The motor is an important part because it operates the blower fan. It is natural for a motor to weaken after it reaches a certain age. If the motor has become weak, it will need to be replaced so your fan can start receiving the power that it needs to function properly.

4. The Blower Fan Parts Are Too Rusty

Your HVAC system blower fan may have become rusty after years of being used. If the rust problem is severe, you will be better off by investing in a new centrifugal blower fan for the system. You will then begin to notice a big different of the amount of air that circulates throughout your house when the system is running.

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