Creative Uses For Heavy-Duty Storage Bins

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Heavy-duty storage bins are handy items that can be customized for many uses. These bins are inexpensive and are available in many sizes and colors. Here are some unusual uses and adaptions for heavy-duty storage bins that you can create in and around your home: 

Kitchen Cupboard Organization:  Kitchen cupboards that are built under kitchen counters and worktables are often very deep to accommodate the work surface on top. When using these cupboards for storage, many small items can get lost in the deep recesses of the cupboards. To remedy this situation, you can place all of your storage items in clear, heavy-duty storage bins, and slide them in and out of the cupboard when you wish to store or retrieve your items. You can leave the tops off of the storage bins as they are not needed when used inside of kitchen cupboards. 

Custom Shelving:  Clear, heavy-duty storage bins can also be mounted on walls in a residential home office to make custom shelving. Drill holes in the bottom of several large, heavy-duty storage bins that are big enough to accommodate closed metal toggle bolts. Mount the bottom of these storage bins with toggle bolts onto a wall to create a light-weight shelving system. For an attractive look, you can use small rattan or wicker storage bins inside of the large mounted storage bins to hold your items. You can mount these large storage bins in a horizontal line across your office wall above your work table or desk. To give your custom shelving more strength and support, you can mount a piece of lumber under these storage bins so they will be able to hold heavier items. Paint the piece of lumber the same color as your walls for a unified look to your custom shelving. 

Small Greenhouse for Plants:  If you like to garden, you can use clear, heavy-duty plastic storage bins as starter greenhouses for your young seedlings. You can start your vegetable and plant seedlings in separate flower pots and place them in these small greenhouses until they grow big enough to be transplanted to places within your garden. These small greenhouses are light enough to be easily moved around your garden to follow the sunlight or move young plants into a shaded area when there is too much sun. When using heavy-duty storage bins as greenhouses, you can open or close the storage bin lids to expose or protect your seedlings as needed. 

Wild Bird Nesting Box:  You can build a nesting box for wild birds out of heavy-duty storage bins. Drill an entrance hole into the side of a storage bin and mount a wood dowel across the front of the bin to create a perch. Attach your nesting box with screws and plastic wall anchors just under the roof of a covered patio or porch. To create a natural looking nesting box to attract wild birds, attach cut branches and twigs to the outside of the storage bin to cover the bin and give the wild birds some privacy. After the wild birds have fledged and left the nest, you can dismantle the nesting box, clean it completely, and mount it again in the same place to provide a nest for more wild birds next nesting season. 

Heavy-duty storage bins are inexpensive and can be adapted for many unusual uses. Once you begin using them for non-standard purposes, you will get many other ideas on how to use them in and around your home and garage, and become very organized. You are only limited by your imagination when using heavy-duty storage bins. For more information, visit websites like