Neat Tips And Tricks For Repairing Gates

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For many people, having a fenced and gated yard is a must for owning their home. Many people even look for front yards that are fenced so their children can play safely and to reduce the number of wanderers that walk through the yard. As with anything, though, over time the gates begin to sag and their effectiveness disappears. Knowing a few tips will keep you prepared for maintenance in the future.


The most common issue gates experience is obviously sagging. Gates are placed between two large posts. As with any outdoor fence post, it's best to used pressure treated woods for the posts to avoid issues with mold and termites. This will weaken the posts from the inside out, giving the bolts and screws less and less wood in which to attach. The posts can also begin to weaken and cause the gate to sag when they are not anchored properly into the ground. The posts that hold the gate should be anchored into the ground using concrete, otherwise the constant swinging and opening of the gate and cause the posts to crumble and sag.

Luckily, there is a quick fix trick you can use if money or time is an issue. Simply place a metal wheel underneath the gate at the opposite end of the hinges. This will support the weight, lightening the load held by the gate. Be sure to adhere the wheel to the gate, however, using some wire. This way, the wheel doesn't move or wobble when the gate opens.

Broken Latch

Another common issue is a broken latch. Over time with the use of the gate, the posts will shift and sag, causing the gate to fall just short of being able to latch. If the latch is no longer staying latched or the gate can't reach the latches anymore, the easiest way to fix it is to use a nail or small board on either side of the gate. This will keep the gate in place and reduce the distance, regardless of the condition of the latch.

Keeping gates in top shape is important for a number of reasons, not the least of which is for the safety of children or animals. Gates are also used aesthetically, adding an often ornate beauty to the outside of the home. Keeping it looking nice and in order, even with a few fast fixes will add a few years to the life of your gate before replacing the posts is necessary. You can find more tips and info about gates by Iron Horse Welding Inc or another location.