Installing A New Escalator? Tips To Keep It In Good Shape

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An escalator can be beneficial for your business if you have more than one floor. If you are planning to install a new escalator and this is the first time you have had one, you should learn how to keep it in good shape. Follow the tips below so your escalator will last you a long time.

Check the Conveyor Belt

An escalator uses a conveyor belt as it is moving up and down. A conveyor belt is a mechanical machine that consists of moving belts and pulleys. The pulleys move the belt continuously while the escalator is running.

Over time, the conveyor belt and pulleys will start to wear out. This is something that should be checked regularly. This is because if the belt and pulleys stop moving, someone on the escalator could get hurt, which could lead to a lawsuit. Contact companies like B & R Rubber Services mining conveyor belt services for professional replacement. 

Keep it Clean

Keeping an escalator clean is important, especially if this is one of the first things people will see when they walk into your building. It can be challenging to clean an escalator, however, as it is not a flat surface. One common place that gets dirty is the grooves in the steps, as dust and dirt can easily accumulate there.

The most important thing about cleaning an escalator is the equipment you use . Instead of breaking the escalator down to clean it, you can use a dry cleaning method. With dry cleaning, the cleaning machine is placed on the escalator as it is running. This is because the movement of the escalator while the cleaning machine is running, creates agitation to loosen up the dirt in the tread area so you can more easily clean it.

Contact an escalator company to see if you can rent one of these machines. The machine will come with instructions on how to use it. Check with the manufacturer about the cleaning solution you should use. The dry cleaning machine also has a powerful vacuum that picks up grime, dirt, and dust easily. Have the escalator moving in the upward direction so that it moves away from the machine.

You can clean the escalator steps each day using a stiff nylon brush. This type of brush works great, as it gets down into the grooves to remove the grime.


You also need to make sure the handrail always stays in good condition. Walk up and down the escalator and keep your hand on the rail to see if it is loose in any area. If so, you need to have it repaired, as someone could easily become hurt if they are hanging onto the rail as they are riding the escalator.

You also need to keep the handrail clean, as this is the second most thing that can become dirty due to everyone handling it every day.

Hire an escalator repair technician to come to your business to provide maintenance on a regular basis. There are many electrical parts on an escalator that need to be checked.