Why Are Packaging Labels Necessary On Consumer Products?

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Have you ever wondered why the products you buy always have some sort of label? You can walk into any store in the world and see a wide variety of labels on the products being sold. In fact, you will rarely find any item on display that does not have at least one label attached to it. These are some types of labels that are used and why they are so necessary.

Containment Labels 

Containment labels are used to explain exactly what is in the package you are buying. This makes shopping much easier because consumers know what they can expect to be inside certain containers. For instance, if you are buying canned vegetables, it is important to know what foods are inside each can.

Containment labels are also needed for grocery items because they let consumers know how many servings are in each container. This helps them have a better idea of how many containers of each type of food they will need to purchase.

Nutritional Value Labels 

Nutritional value labels are also required on products people consume. This gives them valuable information on the amount of certain vitamins and minerals, calories, sugar content and other ingredients that are included in food and drinks.

Some health conditions make it necessary to avoid certain ingredients, and these labels help consumers choose the foods and drinks that are most healthy for them. Nutritional value labels also list portion amounts of foods and drinks so consumers have better portion control.

Consumer Protection Labels 

Consumer protection labels are also necessary on certain products that are sold. These labels are strictly for the protection of consumers. This includes items that are flammable, those that include small parts that may present a hazard for young children, and items that are fragile and breakable. 

Some consumer products need these protection labels because they cannot be exposed to certain elements. Examples of these are medications that cannot be taken by someone who is exposed to direct sunlight frequently, hair dryers that should not be used near water and heating fuels that should not be exposed to fire. 

Convenience Labels 

Convenience labels are also commonly seen on consumer products.  However, these are often seen on large boxes that products are packed in before being shipped to retailers. They display the safest ways to ship, stack, open and display certain products. There may also be labels advising retailers how to recycle the packaging that is containing the products.