Ugly Propane Tank? 3 Tips For Camouflaging Your Tank With Plants

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If you have a highly-visible propane tank in your yard, you're probably not thrilled with the aesthetic it creates. In fact, you probably consider it an eyesore as many people do. Fortunately, there are safe, inexpensive ways you can camouflage your propane tank without restricting access to it. One of the best ways to do so is to landscape in front of it. By adding a few shrubs or plants, you can hide your tank from sight and beautify your yard at the same time. It's a win-win. However, there are considerations you must make when planting in front of and around a propane tank. Following are three tips for camouflaging your tank.   

Avoid Low, Colorful Flowers

Flower borders are beautiful, but they're not appropriate for your propane tank. Not only do small flowering plants provide little to no coverage, they actually draw the eye in and may make your propane tank even more visible. Instead, choose tall grasses and shrubs that will completely hide your tank when they are grown. If you want to incorporate flowers in front of these tall plants, you can do so. Just make sure they have a backdrop. 

Choose Lush, Green Plants

Ornamental grasses and plants that become dry and brittle at the end of the season may pose a fire hazard when placed close to your propane tank. For this reason, you should avoid them. Choose evergreen shrubs instead. In addition to choosing plants that stay lush and green year round, you should select species that won't be dangerous or annoying to humans. For example, species with thorns are not ideal because workers can get pricked when they come to service your tank. Always keep in mind safety and comfort when selecting your plants. 

Measure and Call before Planting

You can't place plants and shrubs right up against your propane tank, but you can place them several feet in front of it. For most tanks, a 5 foot clearance is sufficient to thwart any safety or access concerns. Since propane companies have different rules regarding landscaping, it's important that you call first to see what you're allowed to do. You should also have someone come out and show you where all the gas lines are before you dig. 

Plants and shrubs provide some of the best camouflage for unsightly propane tanks. What's more, they are fairly inexpensive to purchase and many species require very little maintenance. So if you want to hide your tank, a few plants might be your best bet. 

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